• peronal training houston

    – One-on-One

    – Functional

    – Custom

    We work directly with you to achieve your goals on a one-on-one basis. We believe each client is truly unique, and we pay incredibly close attention to detail to help you move more functionally. We will develop a custom training program for you to conquer the goals you set.

    Personal Training
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  • emmanuel sanders personal trainer


    – Professional or General Population

    – Position Specific

    – Post-Injury Return to Competition

    We offer phenomenal training for basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and baseball. No sport is the same, and each client requires a personalized program to achieve their goals.

    Sports Training
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  • group training houston


    – 3 or More People

    – Common Goals

    – Increased Motivation

    Group training is fantastic for people who share a common goal, or for those who prefer to exercise with others. It is not recommended for people who have pre-existing injuries or joint pain.

    Group Training
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  • corrective exercise houston


    – Knee, Back, & Joint Pain

    – Post-Injury Return to Exercise

    – Intensive Movement Analysis

    Whatever your injury or discomfort, we have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. Combined with our expert attention to detail, we offer both post-rehab and injury prevention training.

    Corrective Exercise
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  • stretch class houston

    – 30 Minute Program

    – Eliminate Stress

    – Rejuvenate Your Body

    Sessions designed to eliminate stress, reduce joint pain, and leave your body feeling rejuvenated.

    Stretch & Refresh
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A Message From NBA Superstar Dwight Howard:

“Jay is one of the smartest and best trainers in the world. He’s reliable and really concentrates on making you a better person not just physically, but mentally as well. He will push you to break your limits.”

What our clients say

Jay is one of the smartest and best trainers in the world. He’s reliable and really concentrates on making you a better person not just physically, but mentally as well. He will push you to break your limits.
Dwight Howard, NBA Superstar
Jay has a great mindset and attitude towards training. He has the ability to work with all types of fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes and everyone in between! His methodologies allow for his clients to see the results they want in the shortest amount of time possible. He is easy to work with, and very thorough with assessments and creating various fitness programs. He is also very knowledgeable with corrective exercise, sports performance, and working with special populations such as osteoporosis, pregnancy, diabetes, and obesity. These abilities have led him to become a lead instructor at the largest personal training school in the country, as well as establish himself as a sought-after trainer in the Houston-Sugar Land area.
David Boettcher, Director, National Personal Training Institute
In my 4 years of playing College Football and 4 years in the NFL, I have been around some of the most knowledgeable and experienced strength coaches/trainers in the business. After training with Jay during the 2011 NFL off-season I can honestly include Jay amongst those strength coaches. Jay helped me reach my off-season goals of increasing my strength, speed, and endurance. The results paid off when training camp started. Jay is a great trainer, and more importantly, a great person. I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to meet their own goals in the weight room.
Rob Myers, NFL Veteran
As a sports therapist it is refreshing to see a trainer like Jay who holds quality to such a high standard. It's rare to find a coach who not only makes his athletes stronger but is also extremely active in injury rehab and prevention.
Ryan Esdohr, Sports Therapist
I met Jay in November of 2013 through my son. At that time, I was told by multiple orthopedic surgeons to have a knee replacement done. My son was convinced that Jay would help me get better, and since then Jay has been training me regularly. My life has changed in the past 2 years. I no longer require pain medication and have not had any surgeries! My knees thank Jay every day.
Farzana Sahi, M.D.
I had the pleasure working alongside Jay the Summer of 2015. He became my colleague and friend while training NBA Center Dwight Howard for the off-season. As a professional for 10 years training professional athletes in speed and agility training, it is important to have a structured weight program to help an athlete perform at their highest level. Jay's strength program, which involves an injury prevention program, is at the top of my list!
Lily Abdelmalek, Speed & Agility Trainer
My wife, Ruby, met Jay through a mutual friend in early 2014 when she was looking for some relief for her knee problems. Jay really helped Ruby's mobility and overall tone. I met Jay shortly after and started training with Jay after my broken foot healed. It was a big challenge for Jay to rehab the foot and get a 65 year old man in shape!! I'm in better shape now than I was in my 50's thanks to Jay.
I work out 3 times per week with Jay and look forward to each and every session. He mixes it up and challenges me to do better each time. Give Jay a try-you won't be disappointed!! But you can't have our training times!!"
Monty and Ruby Kastner
I have worked with many other trainers in the past, and Jay is by far the most knowledgeable and dedicated trainer I’ve come across. As a mother of 2 kids, I depend on Jay to keep me looking and feeling great day in and day out.
Kylie Casey
Thank you Jay for creating the amazing workout programs to help me get back in shape! In 2015, I was on an aggressive chemotherapy, with high dose steroids and multiple hospital stays. When I finished my treatments, I couldn't do 1 push-up (even on my knees). My wall sit and plank was less than 10 seconds. Jay took me from that condition to having me do 50 push-ups, 1 minute wall-sits, and 1 minute planks in 4 weeks. My doctors were amazed at the fact that I could do this, as my lungs and my entire body had been compromised for so long. I owe all the credit to Jay for motivating me and helping me get my body back in shape. I couldn't have done this without him. He has simply worked wonders for me and I am very grateful to have him as my personal trainer.
Sandip Trivedi
I was confident in Jay’s pedigree before I trained with him, and I’ve grown to trust him more and more after a few months of training to alleviate my knee tendinitis. We work hard at a variety of exercises, and I’m already seeing results. His honesty and positivity are invaluable.
Adam Gracely
I am a current student of NPTI Houston and graduating in October 2013. Jay Sutaria, one of the NPTI instructors, has taught me so much to be the trainer I am now. He is very knowledgeable of everything it takes to become an elite personal trainer. He definitely knows his stuff! If you are one that has a long a term fitness goal, Jay is your man to count on and will help you every step of the way!
Kristin Carlos, Professional Muay Thai Fighter
In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry, Jay takes a personal approach to training. His focus on the progress and results of his clients set him apart from others in the field. Jay’s application of various training principles based on each person’s individual goals contributes to the high level of success his clients achieve. His skill set extends beyond any one population as he is qualified to train a variety of individuals utilizing personalized programmatic designs to experience wide ranging results.
Kate Garrett, Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer
I have a slow thyroid which makes it difficult for me to lose weight, I also had a bad motorcycle accident and he very little feeling in my left leg. With Daniel I have not felt embarrassed, I have lost weight and he has also helped me to plan a diet that helps my thyroid issue. I am also getting more and more mobility back in my left leg. Daniel goes above and beyond to help me succeed in my goals.
Lisa M.
Daniel is an amazing and very knowledgeable trainer. He is very involved in my workouts and replies as soon as I shoot him a message. He gives me the tools to be the athlete I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful!
Draven R.
Daniel is very good at challenging me. He makes the work out experience very enjoyable. I’m confident that with his help I will reach my goals.
Thadius B.

Integrity, Knowledge, Loyalty

Within you, there is immense power, strength and confidence. Our job is simply to help you discover that. We are experts who are trained in the science of strength training and fitness. No matter your goals, we will help you make them a reality.

And we’re just a short drive away.