Sports Performance Training

Sutaria Training & Fitness takes pride in its ability to train different athletes of various sports – including basketball, football, soccer, baseball and tennis. By understanding the physiological demands of the sport, ST&F is able to put together a program to help the individual perform better in their sport. Providing hands-on training while paying close attention to each movement, an ST&F trainer will be able to help an athlete jump higher, run faster, and become more agile.


At ST&F, we understand that every sport is not the same, and take this into consideration when designing programs for our athletes. Our football players will not get the same program design as our soccer players due to the style of the sport. Our athletes are trained with a specific purpose, and that is to get the individual better in their sport.

ST&F has had the privilege of working with a number of athletes, including:

  • Dwight Howard (NBA)
  • Emmanuel Sanders (NFL)
  • D.J. Augustin (NBA)
  • John Lucas III (NBA)
  • Rob Myers (NFL)
  • Festus Ezeli (NBA)
  • Kevin Walter (NFL)
  • James Casey (NFL)
  • Shawn Long (NBA)
  • Joe Anderson (NFL)
  • T.J. Ford (NBA)

ST&F has not only helped professional athletes, but has also helped AAU athletes, high school athletes, and NCAA athletes to reach their ultimate goal of being a professional.

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