Personal Fitness Training

Personal fitness training is a way for an ST&F Trainer to directly work with a client to achieve their goals on an individual basis. At ST&F, we truly do believe that each person is unique, and this allows us to pay incredibly close attention to detail to get our client to move more functionally. Our personal trainers in Houston, TX are specialized in working with a member that wants to build muscle, lose fat, or simply feel better all around.

peronal training houston

At ST&F, you will receive your own individualized training program to reach your goals in the safest, yet most efficient way possible. Our trainers are also specialized in different forms of training, such as kettlebells and suspension training – which means that you will not be a victim of the same exercises every time you step into the gym.

Our goal is to provide a sense of direction for all of our clients seeking to climb the healthy lifestyle ladder, and we guarantee you will not regret your decision to sign on with an ST&F Specialist.

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