Group Fitness Training

Group or semi-private fitness training serves as a way to bring individuals with similar goals under one roof to work as a team to achieve their goals. ST&F’s skilled trainers have experience working with groups ranging anywhere from three people to over thirty people. Group training differs from personal training in that there is no private training component. These semi-private sessions are done with others, and each member goes through the same workout. For this reason, group training is recommended for those sharing a common goal, or those that simply enjoy exercising among others.

Group fitness training is not recommended for people with pre-existing injuries or discomforts. Group training is also not recommended for those with movement pattern flaws, as the client will not get all the benefits of the program due to these weaknesses.

For those with pre-existing injuries or discomforts, or injuries resulting from trauma, ST&F recommends you visit the Corrective Exercise tab.

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